Wish I were French

I recently pulled out some old books from college: a book on the history of Buddhism in early Japan, and The Last Days of Socrates. I think I have no choice but to read the later for the sake of Plato’s The Apology, or I will have failed as a human being. Since his trial keeps coming back to my thoughts it’s absolutely necessary to finally read a primary source translation, for the countless years of insights it will provide. It’s frightening that such an advanced culture let their emotions get the better of him and figuratively burned him at the stake.
I could only bear a few minutes of yesterday’s childish debate for the highest office in this land. Without a doubt I have to escape from this country, so that I and any children I have will be free of the chronic stupidity and aversion to thought that our materialistic culture panders to
Lately I think I’m French at heart, and would have probably been better off and better adjusted if I were born in France- their history is interesting, I like their fantasy/sci-fi, and they love manga more than any other country in Europe, and had begun translating tons of them years before America.
I get along with most French and Swiss I meet online or in real life, and I generally respect their outlook, biting witticisms, sense of humor, ability to carefully compose flowing letters, their less repressed sexuality, love of reading, and willingness to seek out a consistent world-view regardless of consequences, and their rigor during debates. Their nationalism makes more sense, and I like how they use their mind to keep up while doing less work, and they care enough to want their government to provide for the poor. They also are rapidly turning away from religion, so all indicators show me their population is either more intelligent, or at least more forward thinking.

It’s too bad I didn’t realize that much earlier and learn French. I might have liked them more than Japanese. Culturally, I think I already relate to them better when I meet someone French, although it’s still a tossup over which country is a better place to live. As for studying religion and old-fashioned language, Japanese is more exotic and I have come to have a love-hate relationship with  the honorifics, joseigo, idiosyncratic weebspeak and famous logograms.

On that note the British are cancer. They’re stuffy, mostly SJW, and not usually funny. They prototyped modern PC culture because the ruling monarchy wanted social stability to build a wide empire, without Indian/Muslim/Catholic minorities fussing, so they could focus on exploiting dullness to enrich their elite. Politeness still trumps free speech in the British isles, unlike their rivals who transformed their values during the French Revolution.

British liberalism = Non-offensive Virgin Queen
French liberalism = Chaotic Philosopher/Revolutionary

France has better food an an appreciation of life too, although thet can be annoyingly dogmatic about equality with non-French educated Islamists.


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