Love thy enemies

I just saw a crime solving show where a guy had a father who was in jail for over 20 years for homicide. Then he finds out he is innocent, and his mother had been the killer, and she had even framed his father and lied about everything.

His response? “I still love my mother. I can hate the things she did, but I can’t hate her.”

I had that same Christian logic pounded into me as a child. My grandmother who taught me me that same line word for word, said she was told it by a pastor in the Great Depression when her father (who had a mean streak) used to beat her. She said she hated her dad, but she lost her anger when the pastor told her she could hate the things he did but still love him.

Wtf. It’s justified to hate someone because they are the cause of actions that do you harm. You’re gonna hate them for it anyway even if you pretend you don’t. It’s justified to not love your enemies, and to hate scum bags. Christian logic: “It’s okay to hate the things Hitler did, but remember to love him too, as Christ would.”


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