Future problems with Islam and Qibla

What direction does a Muslim astronaut pray in if he’s on Mars? If Earth is straight up that’s gonna strain your neck. Why don’t Muslims ever pray straight down? How do you determine qibla if you’re in a wormhole?

qibla on earth

Praying in a direct line to Mecca when off Earth, and praying in a curvilinear line while on Earth is inconstant to begin with. Jupiter and Hydra have ten hour long days, so you have to wake up to pray more right? Hydra has a tumultuous chaotic orbit – every time you pray you’d need to figure out your bearings because up and down change constantly. Imagine if there’s ever a major nuclear war and Muslims emerge from a fallout out shelter after 40 years, to find they lost track of time and were praying in the wrong direction.

hydra day

Good luck finding which way Mecca is let alone Pluto.

I want to see Muslims on an astronomical body that rotates hundreds of times in 24 Earth hours. And if there was no relativity then following Salah (prayer) times on a ship closely orbiting a millisecond pulsar would kill Muslims with insomnia.

> Astronauts will eventually use an atomic clock that’s adjusted to account for the current time in Mecca.

Now what about the effects of relativity? Days on high gravity bodies take longer. Are muslims gonna stop praying if they live by a blackhole and days stop progressing? Will the new plan to pray according to local times on a clock, not the sun? Or suns? You won’t be able to follow Mecca time when weeks of of your life equal a day on Earth.

What about if the sun or Earth die? Will they pray towards the dust? Do astronauts adjust the prayer times in accordance with the local sun(s)?

But here’s another one: how do you get buried facing Mecca on Hydra, much less Mara?

So here’s the problem with prayer times. Either:

1. Follow time in mecca

2. Follow a system clock

Trouble is you can’t do both with relativity. Time dilation messes it all up. How many days on Earth pass for years lived by a black hole. Suspended animation on a colony ship also would result in sleeping through prayers towards mecca. Traveling close to the speed of light would make days in mecca speed by in hours or minutes on your ship.

For number 2, every single ship in the universe will wind up with its own time. All clocks tuned to absolute mecca time will glitch up and require offsets as the ships start accelerating and decelerating around stars. Two ships that left Earth at the same time traveling to the same destination at different speeds will still quickly develop different “Mecca clocks” and would pray at different times. If one crashed and had to be rescued by the other, the clocks would not agree and the crew would all pray at different times.

Praying together as one quickly becomes impossible in space.

mars and islam

Here’s another astronomy one. A fatwa was recently issued barring all Muslims from going to Mars. Would that stop you from going if the chance were there? Supposing even that space travel was a one way trip?

Not that I expect answers to those questions since Quranic thinking says the Earth is flat.

islamic science


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