I just love this word. Really rolls off your tongue, and you see it all the time in fiction.I tried to make a list, but then I realized TVtropes has done a thorough job. But I’ll highlight a few example anyway.


I wish Xenogears had stayed true to the original vision and made the final boss named “Yahweh.” Fucking self-censorship. Square didn’t mind killing god in fantasies in FFX, but they have to euphemize everything because of our sacred cows. I wonder if they write these stories to try and wake up Christians, I mean Metal Gear Solid is more popular in America and it has a pretty anti-America universe.

Final fantasy X:

Same company. It declares the way to defeat the final boss (a god) is to slowly cut off the foundations of a powerful belief systematically, like cutting off one artery at a time. Only when there is nothing left to stand on will all the cultists know to abandon a false promise.

Shin Megami Tenmsei

God is an autocratic facist tyrant who leads the forces of light. Satan is an anarchist/libertarian who is trying to resist him and empower humans with free will. The best path is a neutral one that requires you to work with members of both sides to create a better world. Wiki has the plot.

Japanese fantasy writers are really good about attacking the concept of Yahweh! I often have wondered if creative writers are more likely to recognize religion is bullshit and like to embed that message in their works. At least Japanese seem to recognize foreign religion is probably bullshit, even if they’re still mired in their own spooks.


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