Memes Atheists need

I wish there was a picture of Satan and Yahweh locked arm in arm in a wrestling match, right before they fell onto a kid’s sand castle. God does care more about defeating Satan and destroying degeneracy than preserving our planet.

jesus and satan playing around.jpg

Kind of like this but not so badly photoshopped

I also want to see Jesus and Satan playing volley ball while smacking a beach ball shaped like Earth back and forth, sending humans the size of ants flying away from the surface.

I’d also like to see Jesus recline on a lawn chair in the sky drinking his red wine, next to Satan, while they pointed a remote at an angel riding a flaming horse, who is fighting the whore of babylon (riding Godzilla) on the beach, and as the two giants fought they’d reduce a city of sand castles to rubble, trampling on all the human ants, and basically destroying the Earth.



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