Christianity doesn’t have a monopoly on angels and miracle stories

Christianity doesn’t have a monopoly on writing stories about miracles or continuing to believe that the future contains hope. Christians don’t know about many other stories, because they generally don’t have a deep knowledge of other religions. If they gave other religions equal consideration before choosing one,  by exposure to foreign folklore, then they would be less willing to believe in a world-view that excludes other deities, morality, miracles, and story-telling.

religion free dvd player.png

If Christians weren’t so region-locked they might eventually stop being Christians.

If they’re open to watching anime, then I suggest finding the sappiest visual novel adaption that ends in a deus ex machina, and then persuading them to watch it. Kanon 2006 is a safe bet:

girl falls into comma

dreaming kid gets a wish

in one ending she realizes she can’t use the wish to heal herself and be happy, because she could never be happy if there were still unhappy people around her. So she wishes for their happiness, and since they wouldn’t be happy without her, she gets her miracle too.

mfw why this loli has a saint complex AND is smarter than Yahweh.

I guess what I’m saying is show them something that talks about miracles, angels descending to those who wait, and similar shit. Like this song from Kanon if you know the translation – it sounds like a Christmas carol complete with typical jingles. Christians think they have have a monopoly on sappy stories about miracles, and festive holidays in the snow, but if they just read some folklore or visual novels, they’d know miracle stories are a dime a dozen in Buddhism.


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