Strategies to Reduce Corruption -Thread

What are some strategies to reduce corruption from government or from business? I say strategies, because it can be argued there is no one ideal government or business structure. Instead the ideal management varies by the situation, depending on variables like size, and the overall competency and drive of the employees or citizens.

A son from a Swiss political family told me the relatively direct democracy in his country would not work in the U.S. or China, because they are too big and no one would agree. Mainland Chinese also usually tell me they don’t believe democracy would work in China, and simply say centralization is always more efficient, and that they fear the slippery slope to mob rule and anarchy.

I’m still weighing the benefits of decentralization vs centralization. I consider decentralization more egalitarian, and suspect collections of smaller states are forced to negotiate more without violence or threats, because there are fewer big bullies in the playground. Decentralization allows empowerment of the lower members of society, cooperation, and fair play. In contrast, a centralized system will inherently have weaker oversight of the ruling class.

Whatever system you believe in, please avoid just replying that “corruption will always exist because we are human.” This common reply is counter-intellectual, and an excuse to pat yourself on the back while you stop thinking about improvement. The realistic question is how to reduce corruption, not how to end corruption for good


2 thoughts on “Strategies to Reduce Corruption -Thread

  1. The best way in my opinion was the way the founders decided in the US Constitution. Local States rights and a federal government that served the States rather than what we have now where the federal government rules over the states.
    10th and 11th amendments over the 14th that essentially restructured our country’s government after the civil war.
    We are not the same country as before because of the 14th amendment


  2. Before… We were not citizens of a country called the united States. We were citizens of the several states and the States were federated together into a country of united States.
    Government was localized and accountable locally to the people who made up those localities.


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