Buddhism builds the biggest statues

Despite how well-funded Christianity is, Buddhism consistently has bigger statues than Christians make. Plus Buddha is usually depicted meditating on a mountain top, which encourages you to think, unlike Christ who writhes half-naked in agony and promises miracles. If you like profound monuments and are a Christian, there’s a case for you to convert to Buddhism.


This isn’t anything new either. Even ancient Buddha statues in Japan, or the carvings in Langzhou, China are massive.

On a side note, I certainly prefer the Buddhist aesthetics at times, particularly in Japan where it mixed with Shinto to make some beautifully flat rustic temples that seem to fit within the surrounding trees. By contrast, churches with their steeples often stick out in an unnatural way, and are filled with unnatural materials. Don’t get me wrong, I know Buddhist architecture is often as garish as Catholic architecture, and so it’s the simple Shinto torii that I find the best.


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