God’s bill of rights? -thread

What sort of freedoms does your religion give you? Logically, is there a Christian bill of rights to prevent God from taking your wife as his own, taking your soul, and turning you into his eternal menial mind slave on a whim?

What would God’s bill of rights look like? The only eternal rights he has promised in governance that I can think of is:

1st amendment: I won’t flood the whole Earth again (genocide by fire at Sodom is still ok though.)

Beyond that everything is decided on a case by case basis and subject to revision at any time. Even Satan’s right to live on Earth is not an eternal promise.

>Sometimes Mormons say that that every divine law – that is, every commandment – has a blessing attached to it, and when we are obedient to that law the Lord is obligated through His covenants with us to bestow that blessing.

It can be interesting to hear an interpretations where you are entitled to a blessing for following the law. Technically that’s a contractual promise though, and not the same as God voluntarily restricting his power. I guess the right to safety must be inferred by the converse, meaning you won’t be cursed for doing good.

But what troubles me is that God doesn’t ever promise to abide to some higher philosophical principles. For instance, he never says he will respect free will (at least not consistently), or your right to liberty in this life or the hereafter. I would like to see him promise to follow a sort of Kantian ethics and make a social contract with humans, even if he doesn’t explain all of the details. Such a contract would make him more honorable than any other god, if other gods were shown to exist. A god that voluntarily restricts his powers would prove God never intended to be an absolute tyrant, and had built safeguards to keep himself from changing into a corrupt entity.

> God created everything and can chain the leviathan. But you want to bind THIS God to a Kantian moral framework invented by men, the puniest beings in the cosmos?!?! Can you see how absurd that sounds?

spiderman great power comesAs spider-man says, the more powerful you are, the more you need to bind yourself to a code of ethics. Acting without a consistent plan undermines your work. Corporations and governments operate within mission statements, policies, rules, and laws, in an effort to prevent conflict and align all the internal forces in one direction, and at the micro-level, career-minded individuals also must set goals.

>To whom does He have to compare Himself or compete with our affections?

Any deity we can conceive of from polytheism, and any mythological heroes we idolize. The question readily becomes not whether he exists (which can be granted along with any other heroes for the sake of argument), but whether he can be shown to have better judgment than other speakers in a crowded room, including our own minds.

>God doesn’t change.

I find it inherently contradictory to conceive of an object that doesn’t change over immense time, least of all a sentient being like a god. Mountains change their size, and I do not think or behave as I did when I was younger. Even an omniscient being would find its thoughts shifting as it mashed together uncommon ideas in long cycles of silent thought. Your thoughts in turn affect your mood or behavior. What you observe in the world or through interaction also affects your mood. The alternative is that God is nothing more than a computer program which follows programmed behavior to the letter without changing, but doesn’t actually think.


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