Condenscending Japanese Prejudices

Man… this is sad but true. I’ve experienced this sort of crap all the time, even when I write letters in Japanese I get the condescending, “I’ll keep this simple so you can translate it easily,” or “I’m sorry I don’t speak English” replies.

These sort of prejudices are a lot of the reason I lost much of my interest in the language. I still can enjoy the things that come out of Japan, but the people can be aggravating sometimes. I’m not sure it’s worth developing a thick skin to it when there are alternative places to live.
And the comment section of this article is pretty insightful. The so-called cultural war over political correctness is alive in Japan, and I find it revealing that 2ch is seen as the hotbed for right-wing nationalism just as /pol/ is on the English chans. It really does seem like Japan is still slipping backwards into prejudice, just like the rest of the world at the moment. And that politics is polarizing into /pol/ versus Tumblr.


Also, here is my tentative Spring 2016 Anime watchlist at a galnce. Green = probably watch an episode. Yellow = maybe.

spring 2016 anime watch list edited

Lots of fantasy this season, but nothing really stands out in the description. I’ll have to wait to find out what others say are worth watching to narrow it down.


Koutetsujou no Kabaneri = Steampunk + zombies (Update: It’s cool!!!)

Endride = cool ideas (It’s based on a mobile game and sucked hard.)

Netoge no yome wa onnanoko ja nai to omotta = traps and internet jokes are fun.

Sousei no Onmyouji = destined marriage, fantasy, cute pairing art. Have to wait and see.  (It sucked.)

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu = generic fantsy world. We’ll see.
(It sucked.)


Haifuri = mermaids are different. I hate shoujo though.

Big Order = by the author of Mirai Nikki. Supposedly not as good though.

Mayoiga = for the mysterious ghost town. (It’s by Okada and sucked.)

Hundred = muh fantasy (It sucked.)

Concrete Revolution = meh, but Shinto mythology can sometimes turn out interesting

Flying witch = Looks cute and rural. But also as generic (why am I not surprised it’s by j.c. staff?) Well, it’s been really boring.



Kiznavier = Drama queen Mari Okada wrote it so NO WAY. I’m not entering that trap again.

Mune no Tokimeki = shoujo is cancer. (I clicked the green button by mistake.)

Bakuon = boring sports slice of life, like Initial D but without the serious masculinity.





One thought on “Condenscending Japanese Prejudices

  1. i got this in korean too when i was there, fluent as i was in the language. in the asian mind, or maybe the human mind generally, it’s not a condescending reaction. they are trying to help, or be accommodating just in case there are more nuanced or ‘native speaker’ or idiomatic portions of their language that you may not understand in their conversation with you. they don’t have the ability to read your mind and instantly tell how fluent you are. they are not insulting you. they are trying to be helpful. stop taking offence.


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