Quezacolatal proved Catholics were right?

>Quezacolatal proved Catholics were right.


I can’t begin to take this ethnocentric bullshit Christians throw out seriously. They clearly haven’t researched this enough and checked their sources.


Is this the same god? Does it even look like a white man? If they had even looked up Quetzalcoatl on wikipedia they wouldn’t have brought him up. It’s fair to assume they didn’t do any proper research. Check your sources people.

Try to think critically about how tropes develop independently in literature to appeal to a universal human love for a compelling story. Why are there two flood myths in two distant parts of the world? Because flash floods that trash the village can happen everywhere, but the details (climbing a tree in Indian myths to escape) are utterly different.

The Spanish burned down as much as they could of the ancient parchments and wrote history as they saw fit. I’ve been to Peru and their religion has half syncretized with local goddesses in the churches, with “Mary” dressed like a native american and surrounded by rays of the sun. Lots of spooky stuff happens in time, see “littlewood’s law.”

The day the Mongols were to invade Japan their fleet was destroyed by typhoons; this happened twice. Proof Shintoism is the true religion? Please….Typhoons are common there, and the Chinese weren’t motivated to build non-leaky seaworthy ships for their conquerors.

But isn’t it spooky how Cortez showed up the same year the Aztecs prophesied he would?

The Aztecs were on a rotating calendar (either a 20 or 52 year cycle) and the prophecy is the pale skinned “god” would return on “one reed year.” So depending on which it is (I’m think its 20 years), you would have a 1/52 or 1/20 chance that Cortez would show up on a reed year.

Plus the prophecy was made hundreds of years before, probably by a pale skinned leader who assumed control and claimed to be god, then was exiled by opponents, and who promised to return. The part about them interpreting Cortez as a god could be 100% Spanish propaganda. I wouldn’t be surprised if the prophecy itself was Spanish or Catholic propaganda.

There are plenty of other rebuttals of this weak argument. Aztec calendar below.

aztec calendar.jpg





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