Cuneiform Fanatics

This man’s hobbies are insane. He says he spent a thousand hours learning cuneiform just to write a message on clay in Sumerian to his girlfriend. He then spends another thousand hours translating a short tablet he thinks is a masterpiece, and is disappointed it’s not more recognized. He’s absolutely obsessed with chicken scratch on tablets.

What impresses me about cuneiform is how its development was very parallel to Chinese, with pictographs turning sideways, and then simplifying into strokes. The number of characters were then reduced and phonetic elements were added.


Pretty much every local library has a dictionary on Egyptian hieroglyphics too, and I seriously wonder if there is anyone in my county or the adjacent one who has even checked it out. I cannot imagine why any layman would study and memorize obscure pictographs, pronunciation and grammar from dead languages. If only there were more time…but I think its very important to have people to bounce your passion off of. If I knew some Egyptologists I might want to memorize the language too.
But to be honest, I am a little envious that I do not have the discipline and passion required to endure thousands of hours of frustration to solve puzzles for questionable rewards. Perhaps when I am older and financially stable, I too will be ready to become the ultimate scholar and make a name for myself.




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