Biology Fail in the Bible

  1. The bible wrongly classifies bats as birds rather than mammals.
  2. Bears are solitary by nature and only live with their cubs temporarily, in the case of females, or get together to mate when they are in heat (in gendered pairs). Two female bears wouldn’t team up to kill 42 kids for any logical reason.

Then he [Ezekiel] went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!”  >When he looked behind him and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number.

3.) Genesis 30 answers in genesis 30.jpg


Even if it did work it wouldn’t be a moral story. Laban’s brother cheated by changing the conditions underlying their agreement, then pretended God made most of the newborn cattle spotted and not his own actions. This is justified because he’s getting “paid back”, even though he choose whattto take and God didn’t help. Worse, he told Laban God had chosen to help him by making the sheep striped and spotted. Even worse is his wife steals the household Gods from Laban who comes to demands them back, but is turned away by a lie.

The story enables dishonesty, trickery, robbery, and petty vengeance if you think you were wronged and deserve more. That’s primitive Jewish morality in a nutshell: might makes right, and special Jewish people are above the rules for good behavior if God is on your side.


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