Movies that tell you to have faith

What’s your opinions on religion or references to religion in films? What makes these references good or bad?

>fake deepness with bible quotes

>jesus style self sacrifice

>praying actually works

>super unlikely event that implies :God helped them. Main character starts believing again

>the bible is the most important book for some reason

>bible name dropping to imply the story has more to it than it seems.

ghost card captors.png

 It’s terrible when Hollywood extols you to just have faith in every film because that message resonates with Christians. You see it in the X men series when anyone says “trust me” and then you’re supposed to have so much faith in this stranger that you’d risk your life doing what they say to do. To be fair anime does this “just believe” crap too, but it doesn’t usually have the religious baggage. I hate it because it’s a waste of minutes when in the hero’s darkest hour he is besieged by doubt and when his compass breaks a Christian sagely tells him to “just believe!” Someone kill this trope already.

I do hate it in anime when reincarnation is always taken for fact. It likes to suddenly invade a previously secular story in the last third of the show, usually after someone dies unless they turned into a visiting ghost/spirit. And no characters seem surprised that supernatural shit/ encounters with the kami-spirit of your dead mom just happened, or that you’re really the reincarnation of a 2,000 year old hero, because deep down no characters are Atheists in anime.

Just once I’d like to see a Japanese hero say, “Are you really my mom? I don’t believe in ghosts and shit, this must be a hallucination. If you’re really there then prove reincarnation is real.”

I also hate the theme of giving up every single one of your personal desires to become like a bodhisattva for undeserving people, just as I hate being extolled to ‘turn the other cheek’ like a masochist. I do find Buddhist mysticism’s imagery interesting though in the form of hand signs, shamanism, magical talismans, and the fire consuming ritual you see in series like “Shinsekai Yori: From the New World.”

Here are some more bad films:

Signs – A synopsis will explain why I hate it. The premise is also ridiculous.

Phenomenon – hilarious scientology propaganda, complete with a magical tumor that caused ESP, evil government scientists, and a persecution complex. Sad that I liked it and Signs when I was a Theist.

The book of Eli – Enough Said.

Field of dreams –

Guy builds baseball field in his cornfield after hearing voice. “If you build it he will come.”

He doesn’t ask for an explanation, just builds it on faith. And who comes? The ghost of his dad for one last game of baseball, as if that made the expenditure worth it. Would have been hilariously realistic if the movie ended with him losing the farm from the loan he took to build it, and nothing supernatural whatsoever. It’d be a dramatic comedy, and not a comforting film for Christians who can sit smug and grin at the metaphor of an Atheist who isn’t gifted enough to see the specter of dead baseball players.


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