Liberty University: The Baptist Paradise

Liberty university is a Baptist paradise! Here the secular forces of Satan are held back by millions of dollars in federal grants! And gop fundraising and guns!

But don’t get it mixed up with “Patriot University”where Kent got his useless degree. (See pic.) You must not mix up the Christian schools that are named after their love for God and country! “Liberty” is a funny name for a restrictive Christian university, and especially so when you do not have any “God-given” rights in the bible. Here is their draconian code of conduct:


I noticed they kept appearing on Fox news, but it’s even worse than I expected. Seriously, this University would be hell to attend. Probably the only thing that has changed is they’re one of the first Universities to allow open-carry.

On the bright side, a famous satirical website was formed when they expelled a guy for making a satirical student radio show in the late 80’s. He had made a radio program that made fun of tithing, and was fined and expelled even though he was a senior pursuing a masters in English. His response was to make the landoverbaptist site in the early 90’s to make fun of that culture.

Which reminds me… I have have a relative who decided to teach history at a Catholic high school in a liberal city. A kid asked her after class why Jesus was god. She talked for a while, then ran out of time and told him he could get more answers at….or something. So he goes there and finds anti – gay interpretations, tells his parents, who complain to the school about what the bigotry their teacher is teaching them. The school then tells her once her contract is up she should find a job at at school that is more in line with her conservative values. She thinks this Catholic school doesn’t want to offend the mostly liberal parents, and teaches tolerance toward gays. Btw, she got her degree at a university not unlike Liberty university. (Maybe I should become at science teacher to a counter the detrimental effect my family is having on society.)


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