Ironically Christians call Anti-theists Extreme

Militant atheist keyboard

There is a vast difference between a religious extremist and an Atheist, who Christians love to label as extremists. Namely the Anti-theist usually doesn’t murder anyone to enforce some belief. Can a person be an Anti-theist (that is opposed to religion) without being labeled an extremist? Judging by what I’ve seen online, it’s impossible for an average Christian to think that way (although they themselves tend to think it good when people become theists.) It is hypocrisy that is devoid of critical thinking.

And contrary to what they have said, religion is the oil on a flame that worsens those problems, therefore removing religion removes a multiplier on the world’s misery. I have not claimed eliminating religion eliminates all problems totally, but it does eliminate variables that are more likely to be corrosive than beneficial by far. We can show empirically that throughout history religion has been used more for control, and it is my view it has and does done more harm than good – especially today when other institutes and schools have made it obsolete. Religion creates social classes of priests and poorer servant commoners. It makes people “*more* weak minded, subject to manipulation, and prone to violent outbursts and war (holy war) than they would be otherwise.

faith pyramid.png
Btw militant agnostics are annoying, and this article makes good points. Namely Atheists cannot define themselves because of centuries of Theists defining what Atheism is.

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