God’s God

God of god.jpg

An action hero confronting Zeus

Assuming there is a god, would he make up his own god to escape from reality like humans did? What sort of god would a powerful god want to believe in? Even superheroes would rather believe there are super-superheroes who are stronger than them out there to help them, like batman wanting to believe in superman.

I think an omnipotent god would create a very sophisticated theology about a universe before this one to explain his own existence. And omniscience wouldn’t matter, because he would know there was no way of knowing that he knew everything, including how he came into being. He would probably create a Descartes Demon to explain how there would be things that he couldn’t know, outside of the time and universe that he had been “born” into. Everything I said rests on the assumption God has emotions similar to a human, but if he’s not then all bets are off the table: his god could either be a reasonable one, or one of pure malice.

I’m partial to the fantasy idea of a hero needing to believe in living up to the footsteps of an even greater hero. For a man, hero or god that would be a predecessor, i.e. a father or mother. Perhaps god would do good because he wants to surpass his mother? Or if god were amoral, would he try to be more amoral than the god that came before him?


What if God killed god as in Greek mythology? Well that would open up the question of motives, and would make for some dramatic theology. Perhaps there was a rebellion in heaven and God was once a Satan to some older deity that God doesn’t want you to know about.

god of war sword zeus.jpg

I’m not asking abnormal questions, when theologians make careers out of psychoanalyzing god. (*In Sigmund Freud’s voice*)

“Yahweh, why don’t you tell me about your mother. Do you have an inferiority complex to your father? Is that why you don’t like to talk about him? Did someone rebellious kill your father as a teenager? Is that why you talk about Satan so much?”


Darkmatter2525 suggested God is an Atheist since he only believed in himself

and explored the idea of God having a God.


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