Better gods for a future world

There are countless video games that have made better heroes than the gods people worship. Why haven’t we replaced our boring shepperd Gods with ones that would suit our modern aspirations & mythologies?

For example, here is a pacifist cyborg that ended thousands of years of senseless war on Earth, stopped the Earth from being blown up, and helped clean the sky humans had polluted during the conflict. She was willing to risk everything she had to do it, and nearly killed herself in the process.

What a praise-worthy superhero! She actually never caused problems, but cleaned up other people’s problems.  Can you even think of a single God that never did caused trouble, but only cleaned up other peoples’ messes? Sora never caused any trouble, ever! The God of the bible created more problems than he solved, and even Buddhism has its wrathful deities and wars with the Asuras. (Admittedly, Buddhism is much better than Christianity.)

I would rather live in a future where the bible had been replaced by a religion with a better morals, or at least better mythology. A band of humans who joined together to repel an alien invasion in ancient times would have been a much cooler belief to talk about with religious freaks than the pre-Noah universe.

With all the space opera, time-travel, and alternate universe stories, isn’t it  lame how religions still can’t create better gods than your average game programmer? I’d still rather worship Megaman or a mech pilot than Ron Hubbard or Jesus. Sadly, we are still constrained to the most boring of ancient mythologies…

…enter Scientology!

According to Scientology, 75 million years ago H-bombs irradiated the Earth in an ancient conflict. Sounds like it can be classified as a UFO cult. This will be the sort of new religion that will take over in a thousand years, as sci-fi themes continue to appeal more than stories from the age of mythology. I would actually find it more stimulating by far to discuss religion with someone who believes ancient humans banded together to fight aliens and dinosaurs millions of years ago.


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