Adolph Hitler and Atheism

Hitler (and the Nazis) were definitely spiritual, and he used the word god and Christian imagery in a lot of his writings and speeches. The jury is out on whether he was a Christian at heart, but the Christian revisionists are trying to save themselves by painting him as an Atheist. You can’t stop reading at wikipedia where most editors in English are Christians.

“I must frankly admit that… I should probably lose all interest in life and would rather not be a German at all. But since, thank the Lord, this cannot be done, we have no need to be surprised that the health, unspoiled people avoid ‘bourgeois mass meetings’ as the devil holy water.”

-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

With Adolph Hitler it is far less clear cut what he actually believed, versus what he professed to believe to improve his popularity. Plus it is so recent in history that emotions are still in vogue as Christians (in Germany and abroad) try to absolve themselves of guilt for Nazi atrocities. And if I may reference wikipedia for convenience, we know the Nazis did form an alliance with the Catholic church, as did Napolean and countless other tyrants in history. https://en.m.wikiped…Reichskonkordat

This is where some Theists would interject:

“Would you say then that the founding fathers of the US were Christian? And if so, that this is then a Christian nation at its founding? By the same reasoning you are declaring Adolf Hitler a Christian, you also have to declare every single one of the founding fathers to also be Christian. I have, however, heard many atheists try to argue the opposite about the founding fathers and several of the same arguments atheists use about the founding fathers are used by the Christians who argue the Nazis were atheists.”

Now it is fair to say though that most Nazis were Christians, and most Americans were Christians. Of course you must draw a distinction between the masses and their leaders.

We know Thomas Jefferson was a Deist who would have probably been called an Atheist if he were born today because of his private anti-theistic writings against churches and dogma, and because he cut up a freaking bible and pasted it together without the miracles. Then he wrote his grandson and told him, “Question boldly even the existence of God.” His equally learned buddies meanwhile were circle-jerking about how great Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason was.

However, it is disingenuous to say the U.S. constitution was written by a Christian, when anyone who does a little studying know it was written by an erudite skeptic from the Age of Reason. That is why Conservative Christians get flack for trying to revise history: they enjoy saying America was founded on Christian values by Christians despite all evidence to the contrary. The Mormons take that thinking even further to it’s natural conclusion, and think the US constitution is a divine gift from God.…tution?lang=eng



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