You’re just rebelling (against God)

I’ve always hated the “You’re just rebelling” line that parents use to dismiss contrary opinions. It’s a great way to isolate your child while appearing to have an unshakable superiority complex. Usually it’s uttered without anything to back it up too. This is the line parents use to avoid having to actually think about another view.

I think that if a child says he doesn’t believe what you’re saying, you’re better off taking it at face value most of the time. Telling him, “You’re just rebelling against the truth” shifts the blame; it shifts the burden of proof onto the person who has rejected a claim rather than the person who is supposed to prove it. Teenagers are good at seeing through all the spooks we believe in.

I personally was never that rebellious on matters of truth.. And to the extent that I have been “rebellious”, my views are still largely the same as when I was a teenager! I’ve only grown more distant from the thinking of my parents, not closer!

I actually am very afraid that someday I will lose the separate framework I’ve built up with my thoughts, and will become as conservative (read: closed-minded) as my parents. I want to fight against group-think, and not believe in the nonsense that most of the population still believe in.


3 thoughts on “You’re just rebelling (against God)

    1. It’s a common line I’ve heard from my intermediate and extended family, but I also remember hearing it when I was growing up from adults when my Theist friends told their parents about Atheists they had met at school. Religiosity is a bit higher in this part of my county than in the adjacent one, where I reside in America. I would say the pressure to believe is greater within this county because there are so many churches, and Atheists are definitely a misunderstood minority. It’s especially a generational issue, and I’m sure there will be a generation gap as more young people grow up with Atheists as friends.

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      1. That’s true, as well as the speed of communication in this day in age, you do not have to grow up believing what you’re told as there are so many alternate theories just a click away.


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