Ray Bradbury’s House

This is sad. The 1930’s Los Angeles yellow stucco home Ray Bradbury lived and wrote in for fifty years was demolished by a stuck up architect who paid nearly 2 million for a historic building he didn’t like. After he took criticism, he said he would build a big wall around the property, which will be etched with the names of the author’s books. That sounds to me like he’s doing this so he can have total privacy, not be seen, and not interact with anyone. That stands in contrast to the author who wrote in “Fahrenheit 451 about how communities are better with porches and gardens. It’s just a good thing he wasn’t around to see his historic house lost to mansionization.

Fwiw, Steve Jobs did the same thing when he demolished a big old Spanish colonial house to have something smaller. These egotists should just buy another piece of property if they can’t respect the polished aesthetics of a place. It’s not like there aren’t hundreds of other houses which aren’t practically museums inside.

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Btw, Ray Bradbury was one of the rare science-fiction authors who was a Theist. Go figure. Then again he does strike me as a luddite when he gives interviews, or waxes about how times were better in his youth or when people could smell paper books instead of being able to store a whole library on kindle. I can respect his prose without calling him my favorite science fiction author. I don’t think he ever wrote hard science fiction anyway.

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