Rehashing why Atheism + was stupid

Atheism is an idea that does not require a group, and it is nothing more than the rejection of Theism. There are no holy scriptures Atheists follow, and no ideology. Apostle Paul did not instruct Atheists on how to organize, come together and work for a common goal. There are no groups Atheists are obligated to join, on Sundays or any other day, because the “idea” of Atheism is so unlike the obligations inherently imposed by “Christianity.”

There is literally nothing you are required to do to be considered an Atheist, except to think religion is bullshit. But if a Christian doesn’t pray, follow a code of conduct, or have faith in xyz, most Christians will not consider that person to be a real Christian. Likewise if a feminist does not fight for women’s rights, that person is not considered a feminist. The reason Atheism + is retarded, is it tries to wed two unrelated things which are naturally opposed:

1) (independent) DISBELIEF in god(s) (or more precisely: rejection of a Theist’s belief)
2) subscription to an (irrational) belief in fixing gender issues for women.

Christians like to turn generalizations into absolutes, and say “All ideologies become corrupted eventually.” They then try to say that Atheism is an ideology, and since Atheism + became corrupt Atheism is no worse than religion. I feel I’ve explained why this is a fallacious already: Atheism is just not an ideology, but the rejection of one.

Notice the noun “corrupt” has been ill-defined. Does corruption mean whether you have deviated from the original orthodox ideology (which requires defining that original idea). Or does corruption mean the bad behavior of a group relative to an ideology? Personally I think using the word corruption in this manner is overly simplistic, vague, and just a way of speaking the platitudes.

Finally Feminism often lends itself to moonbat insanity. As a more level-headed person, I would feel out of place in this class:

feminist crazyiness.jpg

Fun quote regarding 3rd wave Feminism:

Feminism: The radical notion that women do not need accountability nor agency for their actions.


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