God had a wife named Asherah

There’s a fun milestone beyond admitting God wasn’t the only “real god” when interpreting the bible. It turns out Yahweh from the bible (a.k.a “the God” to Christians) used to have at least one goddess as a wife.

“Asherah” (her name) even appears in the bible (40 times by my count); and is believed to be referenced when the bible mentions the “queen of heaven.” There is even archaeological evidence she and Yahweh were worshiped together in the same temples, to support the scriptures that say the same thing, so it’s not even speculation they were together anymore.

It required checking multiple sources and the bible, but I don’t have to be very skeptical anymore. I’ve nearly confirmed with certainty that:

1) “El” was a proto-god for Yahweh

2) El was definitely married to “Asherah”

3) El gradually merged with several other gods and inherited their properties, becoming the familiar composite god of “Yahweh;” therefore El should still be married to Asherah.
4) The scriptures had to be massively edited and reinterpreted as Jews gradually stopped believing there was more than one real god in the universe.

5) Yahweh was given multiple names of existing gods (Elohim, Jehova, YHWH). Meanwhile other gods had to be reinterpreted as Lucifer, demons or false idols, because they now believed there was only one god. And so, Asherah was turned into an enemy god around 7th century BCE, and then into a false god.

(What I still haven’t figured out are all the details of the mythology, but the gist is solid. Suddenly Yahweh has a love life to make my studying ancient desert religions more interesting if I want to come back from studying Shinto. Apparently El was a father god associated with the sky, while Asherah was an Earth goddess so it’s natural dualism.)

I wonder how many Christians have even heard that God was coupled with Asherah? I know Friedrich Nietzsche talked a bit about Asherah, so just how recent is this theory? How long until most Christians understand god was originally a polytheistic god?  I’m not even sure it is in my best interests to know how big the gap has grown between me and the knowledge of an average person.

(This drawing was copied from an 800 BC pottery fragment in Israel and the inscription when properly translated is a request for a blessing from “Yahweh and his Asherah.”) Yahweh is the dude on the left and Asherah is to the right.




I saw this picture several months ago when someone wrote “This is Yahweh,” but I thought it was a crappy drawing. Didn’t realize it was a sketch of a pottery fragment that said something like, “Blessings from Yahweh and his Asherah.”

Found out Biblical Archaeology magazine in their Christian zeal are destroying an archaeological site. The article talked about Asherah, a goddess often worshiped near Yahweh’s temple. Did some more googling and found some links…


Fascinating. Asherah is in the bible and is probably the goddess referenced as “the queen of heaven” in the bible.

Famously Yahweh is on the left, Asherah is on the right in this drawing from a 8th century pottery fragment. (I’m not sure why there are two Yahwehs?) The inscription says “Yahweh and his Asherah.” It’s evidence that at one point the two were worshiped by the same people in a polytheistic religion. Asherah poles are actually mentioned a dozen times in the bible.
Obviously later on history was rewritten and his “wife” was edited out. More precisely, she was the wife of “El” who later evolved into the god known as “Yahweh,” or simply “God.”

2 thoughts on “God had a wife named Asherah

  1. GOD the father had a divine grandmother who given birth to GOD the mother when she was a virgin but she isnt HOLY MOTHER MARY. What would you have said if ASHERAH was the name of GOD the fathers divine grandmother instead of being aunt like i said before sorry if i said something false before but im not trying to be a false prophet and i do not think im evil i just said what i was thinking if currently i would had wondered if ASHERAH was GOD the fathers divine grandmother. What would you have said if GOD the father had even another divine wife besides ASHERAH like GOD the mother and if GOD the father even was symbolically married to all his divine aunts too if this was true and some just werent mentioned or werent oustanding (so to speak). If Sophia the goddess of wisdom was GOD the mother and if SOPHIA was truly divine daughter of ASHERAH and if before ASHERAH there even nothing but black emptiness just like a void even filled with infinite powerfull energies. If ASHERAH conceived herself and then created herself and took shape and form for the first time would you had found it to be unexpected if she were able to create herself kind of.


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