Sacred Mormon Parking Lot -Letter

Been skimming through the Mormon prophecies and I found a gem:
Mormons believe the New Jerusalem will be built in Independence, Missouri near the corner of this ordinary looking parking lot, (not in Illinois.) it’s also possibly where the Garden of Eden used to be, and only 50 miles from far where Jesus’s 2nd coming will be.
The Mormons tried to build a temple in 1833 to fullfill a prophecy necessary for the end of the world. Unfortunately, they were driven out of Independence and there was a succession crisis, so a Fundamentalist Mormon splinter church (i.e. Protestants to the Catholics) acquired the land. They tried to build a small temple and gave up in the Great Depression
I think the foundations were then converted into a parking lot. The LDS also tried to sue the heritic Mormon church for the property, so they could be the ones to officially build the church, but they lost the case in the US Appellate court. Even without the temple, the parking lot still a sacred pilgrimage site for Mormons though, and the LDS has bought land to build their official memorial some ways off.

Life in heaven would be as monotonous as hell when you think about it. Endless worship without goals or change.

>Don’t you know you get your own universe my man?

t. Joseph Smith

For real though, that’s not how Christians would think of it. Its just ultimate pleasure being there. That need humans have for…things and experiences just wouldn’t be there because you would be with/around/one with God, so you’d just be happy.

Its magic all right? They don’t gotta explain shit.

What gets me is if you would still need to worship Yahweh or Jesus once you became a god in Mormonism. It would be like a human worshiping another human, or an equal.

What would prevent me from becoming nothing like Yahweh? I could choose not to repeat the Adam and Eve Story on a new world and become a relatively evil God, and my subjects would still be obligated to worship me alone.


The theology isn’t clear on that. It says you become “Joint heirs with Christ”, implying that Jesus will be the Father in the next world. So maybe you’ll still have to pay dues, maybe you will be able to do your own thing. There is no mention of “Our God” worshiping his Father God after he became a God, so I would imagine we won’t have to, although you could make the case that our God is a particularly jealous God and wouldn’t let us go that easily. One thing that really gets mainstream Christians, those who know of it, is that in Mormonism God (all Gods) are subject to natural law, so you can’t really defy the laws of physics and shit like that, you can only work within them. So miracles are like you flashing an iphone in a caveman’s face; it looks like magic but it actually isn’t. Supposedly. This is all Orson Pratt trying to make Mormonism a “realistic” religion, scientifically-accurate, for 19th century standards.

Morality, however, is entirely subjective on God, so actually whatever you command your people to do or to endure is “good” and whatever you dislike is “evil”. There is no kind of objective standard for that, just like in mainstream Christendom.


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