Troublesome Koans

Troublesome Koans

Most are well written, but most are still like hollow stories people forward in e-mails. A few even have questionable morals. I’ll start by sharing some impressions in chronological order from this list.

>1. A Cup of Tea

Trolling professor lets a tea cup overflow and ruin a table.

He tells a student to lose all your preconceived ideas, and abandon logic.

Shut up and listen to your master!

>2. Finding a Diamond on a Muddy Road

Teacher lets a guy follow him rather than taking care of his wife!

>3. Is That So?

Guy is so chill and non-resistant that he doesn’t give a fuck about raising someone else’s kid, or relinquishing it.

>4. Obedience

Cute way to rebuke a man who is blinded by his ignorance

>5. If You Love, Love Openly

This one seems to contradict the ones that want you to follow hierarchical rules. I don’t get it.

(She embarrasses a monk and challenges him to openly break the rules if his love is real.)

>6. No Loving-Kindness

An old woman supports a lazy monk for 20 years without checking on whether she likes his train of thought. She then tests him by sending her horny girl to caress him, but he doesn’t give a fuck and he simply rejects her coldly.

The cold rejection makes the old woman angry. (Were men obligated to fuck any girl who wanted it or to turn them down gently?)

She then immediately burns down the monk’s hut without getting his side of the story! In another version she kills the monk in the process too!

>7. Announcement

Trite story.

>8. Great Waves

Teaches that Zen can make you bold and victorious in the material life.

>9. The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

Saintly figure willingly gives everything he owns to a thief.

>10. The Last Poem of Hoshin

I still don’t get what happened at the end.


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