D- Student teaches why Chinese Characters prove Genesis is right

D- Student teaches why Chinese Characters prove Genesis is right

Save this video and share it with your friends from the People’s Republic of China. They will either crack up if you tell them its a joke, or they will smirk uncontrollably and then tell each other when your back is turned that you’re an incredibly gullible idiot. I think I was linked to this by Asians before on a forum and we all had a good laugh.

I’ve studied kanji over the years. The origins are as independent as cuneiform . We look at stars and draw constellations; we see shapes in the clouds; we divine the future from how tea leaves fall in a glass. Our brains are wired to see patterns where they do not really exist.

Things evolve from simplicity. Why do you think the traditional characters are so complicated? The Chinese took smaller components and threw them together willy nilly to represent ideas. Half of the time it isn’t very logical. Half of the time the radical on the left is ENTIRELY PHONETIC.

Lmao I’ll tear the first two examples apart. This will be a bit long:


造 (Tsukuru) = clay + life + mouth = create.
Wow so retarded. This guy is such a noob student of Chinese/Japanese that he can’t even correctly recognize radicals much less etymology. He does no research either, just spouts his uninformed opinions.

Let’s look at the right character 告 = REVEAL/TELL/ANNOUNCE. The top part is COW 牛, (which is trimmed here.) (It’s NOT LIFE YOU IDIOT. Life (生) has THREE horizontal lines, not TWO. )

He calls the cow radical ⺧ “clay with a dot.” He reasons the dot means life and it turns 土 soil into “life”, except the dot is supposed to make look like part of a cow’s body in the original pictograph.

The bottom is mouth (口.) So whenever the cow speaks it reveals something? Great mnemonic but not proof of the Christian god, more like proof Baal created the world.

You then add walk 辵 (it’s simplified to ⻌ ) to the left, and get CREATE.

So if he said it correctly it would be “To reveal + to walk = to create.” An accurate mnemonic would be: “Zarathustra had to walk along to be able to reveal,  and create something.” Except he breaks it down into 3 elements not 2, so if he had identified 牛 correctly as cow and not life it would read:

Walk + Cow + Mouth = create.

So when the cow walks around and eats grass it creates bullshit. How Christian!

Unlike him I’ll back up what I say with citations to dictionaries too.

鬼 (Demon) = Secret + Legs + garden
He says 厶 is secret and wildly extrapolates from pieces like that. In isolation it “can”, but it actually derives from multiple characters with different meanings that simplified so you could write it faster. Here he is wrong and if the character is actually supposed to look like a demon, it probably means tail instead.

Note he doesn’t explain the dash on the top line of RICE FIELD 田 (which he calls GARDEN 庭 because he’s 100% a noob.) He totally ignores it, probably unaware it would destroy his argument. Here is the real etymology:

If you can’t access it, the real origin of the character is believed to be a lumpy looking creature. 旡 = engorgement (obsolete element). Add skull with openings at the top and you get 鬼.

This guy in the video is such a noob at Chinese characters and etymology that he took a character that has inherent meaning, 1) ignored what it derived from, and 2) erroneously tried to break it down into smaller components that looked familiar to him 3) seriously interpreted Genesis origins of Chinese writing from that.

You know this can be done the other way too?

魔 = (another more complicated way of writing demon that probably developed to transliterate Mara hundreds of years later when Buddhism reached China. It’s 麻 Hemp + Demon.) Mara is an unrelated Hindu god; not Eve. But if he had used this character from the start he might have made a better argument.


So what was his devil doing in the garden? Smoking pot, just like in the bible. Except there is no garden in this character, unless what made Eden paradise was the fantastic grove of psychedelic marijuana trees.

Note Chinese usage of a character doesn’t always equal Japanese usage either. I’m sure he eventually makes that mistake if I watch the whole video but I’m not going to lose more brain cells.


In short stop reading conspiracy theory videos from crackpot undergraduates, and check the damn sources. Don’t trust your imagination when you see patterns because you’ll see illusions. Your imagination will reliably lead you to wild leaps, because your brain is wired to jump at false positives for survival. You’re supposed to spook when you see an ill-formed silhouette in the dark, because it could be a real threat if it ignored what is probably a bush swaying in the wind.

While you’re at it, I heard a woman asking on Christian radio asking about the mythological 10 lost tribes of Israel in China, and asking whether they made it to America as the Mormons do. There never were any lost and scattered tribes. In fact, the notion they were once united as 12 is probably a myth. Perish the thought that we all descended from figures in the bible!
But hey, at least this video might help someone remember some Japanese characters. Once it helps them to get to Japan they can start reading about Japanese gods and talking to people, so it might be a stepping stone in losing their faith.


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      1. I think it was something similar to your post but I can’t remember the title, sorry. I studied Chinese characters and language as part of my army life in the 80s


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