Biblical support for abortion

A man can get an abortion if the baby isn’t his. Kill your wife’s little embryo.

Abortion can be used as punishment.

And God kills a child to punish the father.

And also kills kids to punish the sins of their ancestors.

Source: Darkmatter2525’s life hacks video.


4 thoughts on “Biblical support for abortion

    1. You’re attacking a strawman. The bible said the husband can choose to kill the child if it’s not his which gives even more freedom to choose if you are a patriarch. It’s now the man’s right to choose whether or not she has a child. It’s rather progressive, and of course the woman is expected to consent to abortion in this procedure.


      1. Sorry, but the Bible says no such thing.

        That particular section of Numbers is about the ethics of marriage and adultery.

        That the woman is blamed and not the man, has absolutely nothing to do with God condoning abortion.

        And I am not attacking a straw man.

        The modern basis for the prenatal genocide known as abortion is the woman’s right to choose.

        That’s the Supreme Court, not a straw man.


      2. You are clearly attacking a straw man because you are bringing in US law (as though its the only thing that matters) when US law was not part of the original argument. And regardless of what the larger passage is about, it plainly 1) says a woman can have an abortion if there is adultery 2) gives a procedure by which it may be done.


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