Re: The devil’s argument

can you prove they (gods) don’t

You can’t ask someone to prove a negative, and then claim that’s proof of a positive. Can you prove to me there is not a tea cup floating between Jupiter and Mars, or I’m not riding an invisible pink unicorn as I type this?
Agnosticism is not usually a 50/50 position of there being a God or there not being one. (I don’t think most people understand probability.) I’m closer to 99% sure there isn’t any benevolent God that we are aware of, because there are so many conflicting religions, with countless errors in their scriptures, and falsified prophecies. If some obscure sect truly had met the real God or Gods, I think that religion would either have evidence, or been blessed, and subsequently rose to be one of the dominant religions. Strictly speaking, an Agnostic can’t discount the Deist God, or Laplace’s evil Demon, but neither of those are the intervenist Gods that would leave evidence of their existence. These Gods are conjectures from a position of ignorance, and these are not anthropomorphic Gods people kneel before and worship.
This goes in line with the “Atheists don’t believe in God” simplification Christians believe, and which apologists propagate by lying, or by misrepresentation. The correct line is, “Atheists reject your belief in God.” (The most common reason we give, is we see you don’t you have rational reasons for what you believe.)
If you destroy an apologist’s argument, many then demand you offer a positive claim for how X operates without God. No dice; it’s enough to dismiss what you believe as bullshit without being forced to make up an alternate explanation. Don’t force the burden of proof where it isn’t due. You’re already dangerously pissed about being shown you have no rational reasons to believe, I don’t want to enter speculation and allow you to pin me down as a dishonest individual at this time.


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