Amish Luddites

I’ve done a bit of reading about Amish, and what its like for the “English” who live near them. A question popped into my mind: have any Amish written about turning Atheist?

A quick search showed there’s only one blog on the Web by an Amish who become an Atheist.
He thinks most remain Christian, and become Mennonites or born again Christians.

It’s sad how their education stops at 14, and their teachers all have
no higher than an 8th grade education. They are believers in a young
earth, true Luddites and their kids remain brainwashed because
The Supreme court has decided to allow an exception so they don’t need
an education until the age of 16. It’s a sad fate, and their
population has doubled in the last twenty years. It would suck if someday the
final form of Christian fundamentalism took over the country and all
original thought and science ceased.

This is rich. He’s the only ex-Amish blogger out of 165 thousand or so who blogged about became an atheist. He seems to have educated himself more than his peers on the
scientific method, and is probably relatively intelligent or he would
still be chained to Amish thinking. Most examish don’t go to college
to supplement their lousy education. There must be many wasted minds I
those communities with a population of 165 thousand or so.

Whenever a Christian talks about censorship and cutting herself off from the
degeneracy of the world, I wonder if she would rather be born Amish.

Anyway, it’s hard to imagine the culture shock of leaving that backwards culture with the shunning that entails, and then becoming an Atheist. It’d be even more extreme if he’d moved to another country after that.

Reading about the courage of those teenagers who do leave the familiar to enter a more interesting world, despite their insecurities, makes me want to be as courageous, and to pack up and move to another place too. (As an aside, I think if I had told myself it was a decision to make on a coin toss, I’d instantly realize what I truly wanted and act accordingly.)
There’s really nothing else for me to say about this subject. I’m just fortunate I wasn’t born into some especially crazy cult.


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