romanticism and rationality

I’m fond of “The Little Prince” and rereading it never gets old. In simple, layered words it lays out a plan to experience the joy of a whimsical life, even when there are thousands of identical people from an objective viewpoint. I’ve met people whoose names I never bothered to learn, and now when I think of the the country I think of them and smile. A few chance encounters are enough to brighten up entire parts of a world map.

I’m beginning to discard the New Atheism idea that we must reject all sentimental bullshit that has any tinge of mysticism, so we can all live in the same objective reality. Scientism seems to limit the imagination, and destroy the zest for life that children naturally possess, forcing the conformity that drive grown-ups to drink or kill themselves from over-work. Logical and analytical types have a reputation for being boring, because they actually murdered part of their soul for wordly success.

Most people aren’t explorers, and there is so much you can’t learn without firsthand experience. It has been said, ‘When all of your knowledge comes from books, all you get is prejudice and not empiricalism.’ (Mean world syndrome is when people watch too much of the news and think everyone is trying to murder you.)

Mysticism may be a hollow substitute for feeling knowledge without actually possessing it, but it could still be useful for the energy and inspiring feelings it imparts. Dawkins is right that religion shouldn’t be allowed to monopolize spirituality too.

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