Goddess Temple of South Orange County

There is is a goddess of Irvine temple, where men are forbidden except on the fourth Sunday every month. The website is hilarious. Come sisters to our museum where we have statues owned by the Dalai lama, and learn the true history of the world that the patriarchy has buried for thousands of years! Pledge $200 a month of support for for the highest rank!


goddess movement

The website adds that all of society’s problems are because the patriarchy has upset the natural order through trickery. When queens rule again everything will be fixed. Here are some negative reviews on yelp.


(I have a few more thoughts on this movement: )

I found the name of this family of religion.


Wiki says the neopagan movement started with upper – middle class
people, it does sound like they are self-absorbed. Ava Park is a
Korean who glorifies the virture of her co-founder according to a yelp
review, and it does sound like a pantheistic cult in the making.

The neopagan/hippy stuff seems to especially appeal to affluent white female
urbanites. I would like to read about how the starting class tends to
affect how a religion develop – if you see any material on that
subject let me know.


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