How Halloween Roleplaying Could Improve Society

I saw a church today with Halloween scarecrows out front. It doesn’t jive when they try to appropriate darkness in a tame way, and then have Halloween parties, so kids can go to church and be safely given free candy rather than having to explore neighborhoods.

I’m dressing as an aviator for the kids, but I had the idea of being a Christian for Halloween, and preaching and evangelizing at every house I visit. Or collecting a year’s worth of Jehova witness brochures and handing them out to trick or treaters with a stern warning to be vigilant because tonight could be your last on Earth. That might be the scariest role playing the kids ever see.

mormon cosplayMormon missionary costume

Monk robes are pretty cool too, and I like the idea of playing a dark, corrupted kakure christian priest with vampire fangs. Like that the Vatican either are vampires, or are a part of a worldwide organization to fight them using the powers of the occulut. Somehow, I was infected…

creepy priestPriests should always look as evil as the churches they serve

I read Crimea is banning Halloween today, but it’s catching on in Japan, because they clearly don’t think they can have enough festivals. Sadly, in America there are fewer Trick or Treaters every year, and the holiday feels dead. Soulless really, and that’s part of a larger symptom of American society.

Why we should roleplay on Saturdays

In many neighborhoods America feels dead 365 days a year. Even around Christmas, you don’t feel like one day is significantly different from another day. Ennui reigns, especially so when you’ve matured and can no longer expect any surprises from holidays you know little about. There needs to be more individuals innovating around the holidays, but I’ve been thinking…why not bring fantasy to the rest of your year?

halloween-decorations-parents-house-christine-mcconnell-1Picture source: reddit

This is how I would like houses to look. Seriously, if I had been the one to paint those eyes on a foam board and hang them from my roof, I don’t think I would ever want to take them down. I know some Christians would probably complain to the city about gaudy occult decorations dragging down their property values, and you might get harassed, which is a shame. I hate it when the drones force creative people conform, but I guess I also hate that more people aren’t willing to express themselves despite any possible repercussions.

Roleplaying could be the spirit that is missing from Halloween these days. Dressing up in a costume, or donning a mask should be an excuse to tell a story, or practice your acting. Otherwise, it’s a missed opportunity to seek and impart inspiration.

Halloween should be like a Mardi Gras for everyone, rather than consisting of simply going to the store and picking stuff off the shelf to decorate your kids or your house. Honestly, I like my new Aviator goggles and the leather coat, so much I might just wear them on my head after Halloween. My patented idea is to visit restaurants and play the part of a displaced open cockpit pilot. I would start by asking and ask them about the weather, and whether I can catch a tail wind back to Berlin. (I’d get a pocket chronometer, and a map, and check them compulsively while I waited for the food.)

Seriously, I need to role play more in real life, and introduce more Fantasy to a world that badly wants some variety. I’m tired of living in a culture where people dress the same, and follow standard rules of behavior. Frankly, I don’t want to bother talking to the waitresses because the conversation would probably be boring chit chat. Maybe if I start breaking some rules by cultivating an alternate identity as a lost and eccentric WW1 pilot, the conversations would become more rewarding and memorable for everyone.

helmet and gogglesMy goggles look something like this

Would it help my state of mind if I moved to a major city where people are bound to be more eccentric? Maybe Portland or San Francisco still have hippies? There must be places where people are so numbed by crazy homeless people and trannies that they don’t care if you dress or act eccentric? Those places must be wonderful places, where you can be free to be the best possible version of yourself.

Conforming to expectations never makes a person feel alive, and I’m tired of being uninspired and uninspiring where I live.

You know, writing about how to implement more hairbrained ideas into my life might be the future direction of my writings. There’s only so much I can write about religion, or how I’m creeping towards a more Marxist outlook on economics. It’s much too serious, and too big to be something I can do much about. Instead, I would like to envision how I could change the world I personally walk in, in small ways, by changing myself and the people I attract.

Picture how the world could look without the controls that cap the naturally abundant energy and playfulness of the human spirit? Children enjoy moving in different ways, while adults slouch over with increasingly inelastic bodies that never seem to dance, experiment, or simply do things to feel alive. I respect rebels now, and I need to become more contrarian, because if I don’t occasionally act on my whimsical fantasies, I will be supporting a future with unnecessary repression.


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