Why don’t you Atheists leave Christians Alone?

How can society advance if we don’t periodically call out the majority on their idiotic beliefs? There is a double standard and Atheists are expected to mind their own business; but the religious do not usually mind their own business and are praised when they proselytize. More importantly, they regularly harm others with their erroneous beliefs, (simply by being inclined to vote against homosexuality, sex education, or abortion.) Religion makes ordinary people unwilling to compromise, because they can claim to interpret the will of God.
Once religion is a minority, and politicians can’t pander to them, it won’t matter so much that there are still a few feeble minded people who believe in Scientology, UFO cults, neo-paganism, psychic readings, or Moses. And it is also very important for us to protect our right to be offensive.

Row Row, Fight the Power!

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Basically they’re so deluded they aren’t capable of understanding why people are leaving the churches.



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