Murderous Popes

This pope assassinated his two predecessors. The Catholic Church may
claim to be the first church, and the one true church, but it was never
was endorsed and run by a benign God.

Worse yet, there’s a long list of murdered popes! God doesn’t offer any protection, and so it’s no wonder they protect the pope with bulletproof glass when his car goes out in public!

pope glass

While we’re at it, check out the sexual liasons of the men who are supposed to have been chosen to lead Christians!


2 thoughts on “Murderous Popes

  1. My favourite pope is Stephen VI, who had his predecessor Pope Formosus’s corpse exhumed, and sat in full regalia on the papal throne, whence Stephen proceeded to formally accuse him of heresy, had the corpse tried, and found guilty. The three fingers that Formosus used to conduct the papal blessing were cut off the corpse, and the rest of him devested and thrown in the Tiber.

    Stephen himself was strangled the following year.


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