4chan comes to an end

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but if Hiroyuki Nishimura taking the helm, all notions of privacy are gone. Apparently he would delete posts critical of his sponsors, and was generally corrupt, which is why Japanese users left the site. Nothing is untouched: ad revenue led to the bloggers writing fake threads to create controversy, and Sankaku was an English offshoot of those Matome blogs.

I’ve heard Reddit had SJW hot pockets during the gamergate fiasco. I’ve also read that Jim (an ex American military officer), and current admin of 2ch, now owns 60% of 8ch.

In conclusion I want to stop using all of these sites, and be a little more Amish and independent. Not only are they are time sinks, but I don’t like the idea of companies, Google, and some government agencies purchasing or monitoring my information. I really should take this as a wake-up call, and break free of supporting unscrupulous commerce and peddled ignorance, yet again. I need to stop reading the papers, and the chans, and just focus on learning technical things. Rather than looking for a bigger picture in everything, I should take the added time to research the small things, so I can see the world for what it really is, rather than hoping that other people can explain the bigger themes.

fakku copyright troll on a


Speaking of controlling your time, I’ve been thinking about how I would raise a child. There’s so much I’d want to teach, but solutions to the problems in my life, might be harmful if imparted to someone with a different personality. I would teach the kid to focus on learning about processes, and not just solutions. To not accept opinions on authority without understanding the reasoning, and to be unafraid to admit you don’t know something.

Ideally, I’d like to raise a child who was intelligent and sex positive.

I’d also want to encourage them to learn rather than to excessively consume fiction. Imagine the familial bonds that would come from talking for two hours a day, or learning together, rather than just sitting in front a television. Monday through Thursday I’d say don’t go out with your friends, but do homework and then learn whatever I thought was important for two hours.

Crucially, I would encourage them to “Grow up quickly so I can teach you more. (Isn’t it better to be able to observe more beautiful details in an infinitely more sophisticated world?.)” Growing up should mean being able to understand and experience more things; on the whole, more experiences are possible than when you were younger. At the very least, living longer allows us to experience more.

But you know, it’s a lot of work to raise a kid. By the time they reached adulthood, I’d be out of touch with what it’s like to be at that age. In fact, it’s patronizing to assume that the problems I have would be the same as theirs. If kids happen, I think I’d make a good parent, but it’s not something to rush into.

And honestly, it’s hypocritical of parents to push their children to excel when their own lives aren’t in working order. The moment you have a kid you have to put aside your existing dreams, which is a mixed bag. Although, that could a boon to adrift individuals who need a purpose to center their lives around.

So yeah, none of it really matters. I need to live for myself and become a real individualist.

In that vein I’ve been thinking of changing my last name to Dragon-slayer. Wouldn’t it be cool if I finally did have kids who were all dragon-slayers?


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