Personal Reasons to Distrust Psychologists

 I personally don’t trust them because they never cured me of anything. When my parents divorced in Middle School I stopped caring about doing homework, and started flunking for a year. I think I was just lazy; I wanted to go home, play video games and forget about the stupid problems in my life. School faculty are stupid and selfish though.

How kids enter special education programs
Immediately when my grades faltered a school psychologist forced me to come in during lunch and take IQ tests (they told me I scored about average), an ADHD test, an OCD test, a personality test, and asked questions about whether I was being sexually abused. None of those were problems, but when a school has a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.
The next year I was thrown into a special ed program (RSP) for half a year after that, and the work was unstimulating and way below my level. That wounded my pride wounded for years, and I started studying just to get out of the stupid program. I was one of the only students to get out of the program, and it only happened because I insisted on being one of the only students to be taken out. If I hadn’t fought, my education would have suffered, because schools have incentives to keep more special education students.
When I got to High School they tried to throw me into the program, at both High Schools I entered just because it was on my record. The second time I was stuck taking classes for about a week until I insisted I wanted out, even though they told me crap like, “You’ll get special help, and assistance if you stay here.”
It was too embarrassing though to have to go to any classes for “dumb people,” especially since I had an above average reading level. Anyway, parents who send their kids to these programs don’t realize how psychologically damaging they can be. Personally, I think I would have been better off if my parents had just disciplined me, and convinced me it was worth studying, rather than leaving a school program to force me. I never learned to enjoy studying either until late High School / early college.
At both my Middle School and my High School the special Ed teachers were autocrats in the classroom, who acted sugary sweet and fake when they met my parents.They would shout at kids and generally be jerks in the classroom. The one from Middle School was actually a drill sergeant once. I utterly detested them, and I wouldn’t have been sent there if the school psychologist (and wife of the math teacher whose class I had flunked due to doing almost no homework, and getting so bored I daydreamed in class), hadn’t recommended I be sent there.
My parents just sort of swallowed up whatever the faculty told them. I hated the feeling of powerlessness when I was taken from the classes I wanted, and my elective was replaced with an hour of useless RSP everyday. One time a popular guy who was a friend of mine saw me in the RSP building, and when he greeted me through the open door, I wanted to hide. I felt so ashamed at being seen there.
Psychologists Mucking Up My Adolescence

It was a crazy time when the courts bled my parents dry taking advantage of the feud, and they even assigned me my own lawyer. (For what?! I only met him twice! And I was a kid for crying out loud, why did I need a lawyer to represent me? I just needed time to decide which parent I wanted to live with…)

When I opened up to my lawyer, he referred me to his psychologist friend in the same town, who my parents eventually thought was just a way of making sure he could make more money. He had a plush office, with relaxing paintings and so forth.

By then I had met a psychiatrist who had insisted on giving me unnecessary drugs to cure my migraine headaches, since tylenol wasn’t enough – (turns out that when the divorce ended my migraines were gone), and a guidance counselor at a new school who I barely talked to, but who was biased and immediately thought I was a trouble child. He’d be very nice and fake to me, and then privately tell my parents, “We don’t know what he is capable of,” and suggest sending me to a foster home.

I had by then decided to refuse to completely open up to anyone in authority. Dozens of sessions, paid for by the court at via my parents, where I guarded my feelings, knowing anything I said that was out of the ordinary would probably prolong the divorce and worsen my situation. I just wanted them to get out of my life.

Since then I’ve felt if I need another Therapist, I can befriend some older woman and safely unload my problems to her. No more drawn out sessions that are more to the benefit of someone else. No more tempting the government apparatus to wreck havoc on my family’s savings.

Those are my personal reasons for distrusting them, but I also distrust them from an academic point of view, because I see the history of the discipline as energetic to embrace unproven theories. I will go over that in a separate post.


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