The Big Picture


 This observatory had constructed the world’s biggest panorama of stars on the wall from blowing up a small section of the sky that cross sections the Virgil super cluster. Every dot is a galaxy or a star, and there are 1 million astronomical objects in a picture several hundred meters long. To illustrate that this was still a small part of the sky, in a section of a Constellation, they had a statue of Einstein covering the sky with his index finger to approximate about how little this blown up picture takes up in the night sky. It’s incredible that thousands of kids and their parents must walk through that exhibit daily and remain theists. It’s insane to think all of those moving stars and planets are a waste; why not just construct a dome over the Earth if God only cared about a tiny sliver of land in the Middle East?Supposedly the area was once an important place for astronomy and had groundbreakingly large telescopes a hundred years ago. Fast forward and there was supposed to be be a meteor shower, but I couldn’t see anything because of all the city lights. Sometimes I would think I saw a shooting star, or just a star in general, and then I realized it had to be a plane, helicopter or satelite. There was nothing else. The cloudless sky was completely black. How is our urbanized society going to get fulfillment s of doomsday prophecies to laugh at when groups like the Mormons and Jehova’s Witness won’t see the ceiling falling and raining fire

(Lenoids meteor shower of 1833.)

 P.S. For Theists who just don’t get the magnitude the universe, a Russian programmed a game where you can explore millions of stars in space, and can land on 3D proceduraly generated worlds. It’s called Space Engine.

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