Some of my links to Christian atrocities – August 20th 2015

Christian atrocities; how failed prophecies actually reinforce religious belief

Failed Prophecies
Ufo cult in Chicago called the seekers believes in failed prophecy. When their prophecy doesnt come true…they become feverent believers. It is believed the same happened when Jesus turned out to not be the mesiah- his role was reimagined by the true believers. From studying this cult came the theory of cognitive dissonance.
A similar popular failed prophecy lin the 1800’s about the imminent end of the world energized a group to become radicls and start their own church, the 7th day adventists,
Need I say that the same happened with the followers of Christ? Paul confirms that they all expected the Second Coming to happen within a short time.Jesus, Paul, the Apostles, everyone expected it to happen within a few years, and apologetics don’t have a good answer for it. Comparative studies are the best way to notice things like this because we are better at seeing flaws in the arguments of opponents than our own, and we can then turn our high-powered microscope inward.
Click more to read about Christian murders and atrocities because of “Demon possession.”

Chinese christian cult murders a woman in a restaurant because shes a demon.
Mother murders kids because they are clearly demons
Ax wileding father kills his son to get rid of a demon. (I’ve been reading about this sort of crime among fundamentalists for years. Eventually I will probably see a case of a parent murdering a kid who comes out as an Atheist.)
Spanish church starves a toddler to death trying to exorcise a demon
Obviously what Jesus called demon possession was mental illness or epilepsy. Unfortunately many Christians still believe in the paranormal.
Self-righteous Christian 14 year old murders atheist teenager after a religious argument.
Forced emergency baptism in 1820, Italy allows the chruch to kidnap a six year old from his Jewish parents, because the law did not allow non-Catholics to raise Catholics.é_Mujica

Uruguay president is openly Atheist, gives away 90 percent of his salary to charity, doesn’t use the presidential palace and drives an old Volkswagen. Quite an exception in Catholic/corrupt Latin America.
IQ correlates with Atheism accross multiple countries.
Gay guy is turned straight by the power of Christ, except he still sounds gay.
Gay man is possesed by a gay demon. Tv evangelist exorcises it so he will be straight.
Crazy Christian televangelist parody

Jesus’s birth contradictions – I already knew there were contradictions in the way Jesus died, but I never paid enough attention to notice there were contradictions in how he was born too, like book ends on the same fable. Two of the gospels say nothing about it, but two of them do, and the parents visit different places and for different reasons. In one Mary goes to Bethelehem for a Census, in the other to escape persecution from King Herod.
Best comment – “Religion probably started when the first fool met the first conman,”

Is wisdom and advancement meaningless as the teacher in Ecclesiastes says? How would we enjoy the technology we have today if men had not pursued it?


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