Religious Nightmares and Future Dreams -Thread

I’ve been discussing them with Christians who think demons can paralyze you, possess you, and torment you in your sleep. Sort of like the ridiculous villains called “nightmares” from Dream Eater Merry I guess.

To start off, has anyone had religious dreams? Messages in the bible have sprung from interpretations of dreams so it should be an important topic for the religious.

The premises we believe greatly affect our dreams – I used to frequently have Christian themed nightmares of armageddon and hell, and I would be confronted by the devil/a demon, and I’d pray feverently for God to come down from the clouds and protect me. I had dreams where I was just as terrified he would judge me and send me to hell. Of course, I’d probably have dreamt about monsters anyway, but as a Christian many of the monsters become demon themed.

Dreams are rich in symbols and emotions, and I used to keep a dream journal and spend time trying to figure out 1) whether God was giving me a message or an omen – a future dream. 2) whether my subconscious was trying to tell me something.

When I grew older the childhood monsters mostly went away as the dreams became more grounded, and since I’m an Atheist, I’d be lucky to remember having a dream with Christian imagery in a year. Most of my dreams today instead are harmless, and involve returning to places I’ve been. Sometimes they’re even populated with characters from a framework I use for story writing, i.e. my “inner universe.” The very best dreams are when I get to act as one of the characters from one of my favorite stories, especially in a lucid dream, which fuels reflection and idea making when I wake up.

Video is from an original Japanese indy game titled yume nikki/dream diary.

Why do people dream?

“It’s an unknown. REM sleep is interesting because it’s not even a state of resting. Your brain is too active to actually recuperate. All mammals enter into it though so it could just be a random quirk of our evolution. Any answer of course is just speculation until it’s better understood.”

When do people sleepwalk?

Stage 3 (non-rem.)

Is Sleep Paralysis the work of Demons?


How can I Lucid Dream?

I’ll gather my posts and write about this soon.


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