cyberpunk is starting to look retro

Btw, what do you think of cyberpunk aesthetics? Have you read any cyberpunk novels like neuromancer?
I’ve been growing interested in these plotlines and visual aesthetics ever since I saw the Matrix, BladeRunner, and ShadowRun, and looked at a lot of cool detailed artwork of ruined futuristic cities. Since a lot of american authors in the 80s set their scifi stories in Japan, a lot of anime appropriate the idea and have took the technological dystopia/invasive internet theme and ran with it too. I’ve decided I should keep an eye out for futuristic clothing to wear. Unfortunately, the black matrix trench coat thing probably looks dated and retro now.
Examples of Cyberpunk in anime:

Wiki encyclopedia Links:




One thought on “cyberpunk is starting to look retro

  1. I’ve always thought they looked dated, personally. Cyberpunk just screams “1980s as recounted by Apple” Except for the Matrix…which was…green? That’s really all I remember about it aesthetic…


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