Scientology: “Is it a social evil that should be banned?” -Thread

scientology _ keanu

Scientology has a wacky history as everyone probably knows. Here’s a question: would the German government be right to to not give it tax benefits, and to discriminate against it? Assuming Germany is right about it being an abusive cult?

(I hope you can read German.) This is the official webpage of the Lutheran Church of Germany that mentions their tax benefits because of their status as public corporation and a lot of communities including non-Catholic/Lutheran ones like Orthodox Christians, Jews, Mennonites, Evangelicals, but also one Muslim communitiy and even a few humanist associations enjoy the same privileges.

They get tax breaks and can collect church taxes(though a lot of them haven’t made use of this right so far for example the Muslims and the humanists).

But for more information on the finances of the churches in Germany, I recommend reading ‘Violettbuch der Kirchenfinanzen’ by Carsten Frerk.

Wiki says the discrimination is more than just tax breaks. Germany also spent public funds to send undercover investigators inside scientology for years, in the manner that you would penetrate a criminal syndicate.

Then again, Scientology is known for trying to infiltrate authorities themselves.

But then again, the major churches have non-clerical representatives in virtually all parties.

“Yes, Scientology should have the rights of every other religion”

But what if the church of Scientology were considered a terrorist sect? It doesn’t play fair, and has been known to kidnap witnesses, false flag bomb threats on its critics, and attack innocent people with lawsuits, especially to defend itself from criticism.


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