How the 10 commandments fail

The first 4 are even mainly about worshiping God, and can be discarded.  So if an Atheist wanted to keep them there would only be 6 commandments left that anyone would figure out anyway. (See video.) No one follows them literally, and I’ll briefly explain why they suck for everyone.

Atheists actually don’t need to consciously follow the 10 commandments,  because 1) they suck 2) and at their best they are so universal that they are utterly useless. Let’s go over them shall we?

1. Have no other gods before me [the God of the Hebrews].

– Lick my ass

2. Make no images of anything in heaven, earth or the sea, and do not worship or labor for them.

– Lick my ass

3. Do not vainly use the name of your God [the God of the Hebrews].

– I am the Lord Voldermort and you shall be afraid to use my name. Also lick my ass.

4. Do no work on the seventh day of the week.

-Use the Sabbath to lick my ass. (Remember the Christian church also moved the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, so all Christians are breaking this commandment.)

Let’s go over the other 6:

5. Honor your parents. – But what if you parents are abusive assholes? You certainly shouldn’t obey assholes, and wouldn’t praising them be a lie? This commandment is a holdover from a very authoritarian and paternalistic tribal society.

6. Do not kill. – What about self defense, or serial killers?
7. Do not commit adultery. – What’s wrong with harmless sex, or wife switching? The world has changed; what if both partners agree to let each other see other people. What if both partners want a divorce too, didn’t Jesus say that’s adultery? And if a wife refuses to have sex with a man with a hig libido because she’s a bitchy prune, (or is cheating on him), he is still not allowed to fap to fantasies of other women or porn because of the 10th commandment.

8. Do not steal. – What if you need to steal food to survive?

9. Do not give false testimony against another. -What about when white lies are good?

10. Do not desire another’s wife or anything that belongs to another. -Are we punishing thought crime now?

The takeaway, is Atheists actually don’t need to consciously follow the 10 commandments,  because 1) they suck 2) and at their best they are so universal that they are utterly useless. I will admit they sound nice at first glance, until you start thinking about them seriously, and realize they are vapid and won’t give you answers to difficult questions the way Kant’s Universal laws would. Game theory has proven also that the Golden and Silver rules are not be as useful as a tit for tat rule.

A Christian would say they’re necessary for social order. This is silly: practically any society (even a godless one) would invent the golden rule and a set of mores about respecting people’s property. The Soviets had their own codes of law, and the Babylonians did too as I’ll talk about in my second post, which will be an overview of commandments from other religions and cultures. 


One thought on “How the 10 commandments fail

  1. You do understand that the Ten Commandments were a compact between YHWH and the Jewish Nation, right? What’s wrong with universal laws anyway? We are supposed to follow the letter of the law, through Moses, and the spirit of the law, through Jesus. I’m not a Christian, but a society without rules is anarchy. I understand that sounds fine, except when trouble is at your door.


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