Been Reading Atheistic Literature (And making bookmarks)

I have recently read bits of the books by contemporary Anti-Theists Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, and Christopher Hitchkins. Each of these separate voices has a way of broadening the mind according to their observations. Dawkins is a Biologist, Sagan worked for Nasa, and Hitchkins was a journalist. Each had their own grounds for criticism of Christian Theology, atrocities, and history.

At the moment Carl Sagan, the director of the Cosmos series for PBS is my favorite writer. He pointed out in an hour the depth of the superstition that permeates all things, from mysticism to pseudo-science, in “Demon Haunted World.” He borrows the sense of mysticism and uses it to glorify science and progress. If only I had heard that message when I was younger, and my brain was like a sponge. But then again, this is still a terrible era to be alive if you want to be paid to use your head for science.

I find it funny how all 3 of these Atheists praise Thomas Jefferson for enshrining the separation of church and state, in a constitution so it would survive. Carl Sagan also calls 2 of the Founding Fathers from the Enlightenment Era that were willing to experiment “scientists.”

I can’t even remember when I found Thomas Jefferson’s writings, but there was a lucidity that I immediately appreciated. He had an exceptionally clear mind for his era, and I do like how Jefferson wanted to replace the death penalty for homosexuals with castration, but was overruled. We need more Thomas Jeffersons today. We need more Atheist presidents like him, (or possibly George Washington.)

Is there a single Atheist that dislikes Jefferson?
(The rest of this post will archive bookmarks I’ve saved.)
Jul 9th – July 23rd Bookmarks
Temple prostitution
Asherah – a Goddess mentioned in the bible.
pre-soratic philosophy might have been influenced by Persia
German policies designed to reduce the role and power of the Roman Catholic Church in Prussia, enacted from 1871 to 1878 by the Prime Minister of Prussia, Otto von Bismarck. Part of the reason Christianity remained strong in America is European kings spent a lot of time fighting the church for power. Europe is about 50 percent Atheist/Agnostic/irreligious now.
The religion of Ghandi followed this.
You see the pathetic fallacy in worship all the time.
Stubborn old people
Nietzsche – Geneology of Morals is interesting. (Nietzshe also argued Buddhism succeeds at its goals where Christianity fails.)
Elysium fields = the greek heaven for the best people from poetry
heroic age
zoroastrian persians in egypt
The Ancient Persians Conquered Israel and Egypt wtf. No wonder there’s so much in common between all of these religions.
zoroastrian and plato
And Plato was influenced by zoroaster. The whole thing about chasing virtue! When the mid autum festival comes think about the goddess Ah Plato’s mother was a philosopher. Good reason to educate women for smarter kids.
Satan’s greatest trick was to fool people thinking that he doesn’t exist.
Charles Baudelaire.
“La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.”

2 weeks of strange bookmarks (June 20th – July 9th) Its a rite of passage to swallow
the cum of 20 elders in some tribes The us planned to nuke
the moon….seriouslyCarl Sagan criticized Plato: “Science and mathematics were to be
removed from the hands of the merchants and the artisans. This
tendency found its most effective advocate in a follower of Pythagoras
named Plato.” and “He (Plato) believed that ideas were far more real
than the natural world. He advised the astronomers not to waste their
time observing the stars and planets. It was better, he believed, just
to think about them. Plato expressed hostility to observation and
experiment. He taught contempt for the real world and disdain for the
practical application of scientific knowledge. Plato’s followers
succeeded in extinguishing the light of science and experiment that
had been kindled by Democritus and the other Ionians.”[46]He also said, “It is disconcerting to find that in such a cosmic year
the Earth does not condense out of interstellar matter until early
September, dinosaurs emerge on Christmas Eve; flowers arise on
December 28; and men and women originate at 10:30 P.M on New Year’s
Eve. All of recorded history occupies the last ten seconds of December
31; and the time from the waning of the Middle Ages to the present
occupies little more than one”
Cosmological argument timeline of philosophers
From hyperreality. This emphasis on the theoretical is probably why
Plato was criticized by Carl Sagan.

The current estimate is there are 300 sexitillion stars in the universe.
A hypersphere looks like this.
Oh man this guy is altruism to the max.
After converting to Christianity and giving all his possessions to the
poor, he committed suicide. Anyway this guy made the Price equation
which has a ton of math and says people can be altruistic towards
people of close ancestry even if it self sacrificing to ensure some of
Their genes survive. It is an evolutionary advantage.
Its also an advantage to kill rivals
The spires on mormon churches are satanic nails for piercing christ
says this christian
Paul condemns long hair on men because it masks the beauty of their
face. For women he wants them to have long hair to cover their face.
He is like a closet homo. Jefferson had an interesting idea of trying
to separate the teachings of Jesus from the sexism and homophobia of
Paulian Christianity. Of course once he took that out there was hardly
anything left.

Men must like fox tails because they’re phallic. lmao venus
is a useless planet.
Rational wiki was taken over by SJWs
Meteor crator az

“People generally assume age reflects maturity, though this is not
actually true, especially in a world where people may be either almost
entirely sheltered from reality or have been surrounded by atrocities
from a young age, be extremely educated or extremely ignorant, as well
as a myriad other factors which contribute to the maturity of the
individual. This is, understandably, very complicated, and compounded
by the fact that maturity can not actually be measured, especially in
a quantifiable manner.”
Epistemology is the study of knowledge, so as to better learn in the future.
The us has gay bathouses.

“The women in her fiction are fiercely independent–and
unapologetically sexual. Yet Rand also wrote that the nature of female
desire was to seek worshipful domination by a heroic male. (Rand–as
Garry Trudeau has said of George W. Bush–shows a deep commitment to
having it both ways.)” -Ayn Rand was anti-feminist
Anomie was one of the triggers for marxist ideology
Japanese extradition
500 gays burn in a fire in Taiwan and the Us media hardly picks up on the story
Japanese law
Differences between Japanese and US law
‘bisexual woman in syria’ freaks out believers on the internet. Probably fake.

“Journalism teaches how to fact check for academia.”

Pithy sentences are like sharp nails which force truth upon our memory.

Wandering in a vast forest at night, I have only a faint light to
guide me. A stranger appears and says to me: “My friend, you should
blow out your candle in order to find your way more clearly.” This
stranger is a theologian. — Number VIII

The philosopher has never killed any priests, whereas the priest has
killed a great many philosophers.

If you want me to believe in God, you must make me touch him.
Quotes from:
i”m starting to love the prose French use. It flows beautifully.
Diderot wrote an encyclopedia that was the Catholic church tried to
censor, and was imprisoned for it. On the day of publication he found
his publsher had vandalized the most sensitive / controversial plates,
permanently destroying years he had put into assembling a
comprehensive work.
Turkey uses water canons to disperse gay parade
people with reduced mentalizing capabilities—those with autism or
penises (link is external)—are less religious.
Zero no tsukaima to resume after the authors death
Ireland is losing its regilousity! I can be proud to be Irish!!!
Scalia always throws a fit when he loses at the supreme court
How obama approved of gay marriage
Organic unity
Libertarians shrilly warn about liberal propaganda
Quiverfull is the conservative idea we need to have more babies before
the non-whites take over the country.
Atheists can cheer about now being the second least trusted minority
after socialists.
“Agura (胡坐, lit., “foreign/barbarian sitting”; also called Anza 安座) is
the Japanese term for the position normally referred to as sitting
cross-legged in English. It is generally considered unfeminine and
uncouth for women, in Japan, to sit in the agura
Chinese cave full of skeltons of ancient man was ruined by ww2

Can octupi or whales evolve to travel thru space
Animals grow larger thru evolution over time.

“One of the problems with human evolution, as opposed to, say, rocket
science, is that everybody feels that their opinion has value
irrespective of their prior knowledge”
Most fish species/diversity came from freshwater for some reason
Hypocritical racism in south carolina. “South carolina has the highest
number of hate groups and kkk klaverns per capita”

“Many physicists and philosophers have objected to the Copenhagen
interpretation, both on the grounds that it is non-deterministic and
that it includes an undefined measurement process that converts
probability functions into non-probabilistic measurements. Einstein’s
comments “I, at any rate, am convinced that He (God) does not throw
dice.”[48] and “Do you really think the moon isn’t there if you aren’t
looking at it?”[49] exemplify this. Bohr, in response, said,
“Einstein, don’t tell God what to do.”[50]”

“The idea behind not mixing navy and black is that the two look very
close to each other but aren’t the same, similar to how ivory and
white look close to each other but aren’t. So if you don’t keep an eye
on the balance, then the dark navy that’s not black will look a bit
“off” as it sort of looks close to the black, but isn’t. Pretty much
the way ivory and white in a mixed coord will tend to look dirty or
yellow. This actually applies with any dark colour, not just navy, so
you’d need to watch for dark browns, dark greens, etc, basically it’s
another variation of making sure your blacks match, or at least
doesn’t clash. Same as making sure your whites match.””
Where to see fireflies in japan

“A woman should look on her husband as if he were Heaven itself, and
never weary of thinking how she may yield to him.” – confucious


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