Romance in an Asexual World

heart of tesla

I’ve considered whether it’d be better to be born asexual. Perhaps I would be more motivated for projects if I didn’t have a sex drive? Then again, it would be harder to relate to others, and if it were forced by genetic engineering it could lead people toward becoming shut-ins.

Virginity seems to have partly driven Tesla mad (he fell in love with a pigeon.) Without relationships (which lust encourages) I think you’d be likely to lose your motivation in the long-run.
On that note, it seems like humans need flaws to be motivated to seek better things. Permanently eradicating unhappiness might result in complacency. I would like to reach a state of superb happiness before my end though.

Here’s the post I’m responding to:

There are nonreligious criticisms of sexuality and religion can be highly sexual. But I’d prefer not having so much of my mind occupied with sex or any of it really. While getting laid feels fucking awesome it’s a lot of time and mental investment or lots of risk involved (condoms tear and drip, biting and shit can happen), either way arguably more hassle than it’s really worth. It takes up a lot of time that one could be focused on science, engineering, philosophy, art, introspection, and all these higher cognitive tasks or even the self.

The reason we have the urge in this species is simply because those who didn’t didn’t pass on their heritable behaviors. I don’t see the point in progeny or legacy as those require a working “consciousness”. It seems to be merely just some coping mechanism people have in place about death. It makes as much objective sense as glassing the planet over after you die. It won’t matter to you one way or another.

But I digress, there’s a reason we respect the scholar more than the village bicycle. And Abrahamic religion kinda got that right except for the part where they mistook the snake oil salesman as a scholar. Though even snake oil salesman are aware of stds. Abraham religion seems to be more about careful mate selection rather than anti-sex. “Go forth and multiply but with those partners approved by the community” is their MO. It’s their way of attempting to ensure sheep in the flock took the time to know the other before doing the dance with no pants. Really it should be everyone’s MO to get to know the person well before having sex. And back then there were no latex condoms so this was the regulatory public health policy for some ancients. It’s not surprising it got intertwined with religion. Even those Kings in power by snake oil right knew how degenerate people get. Hell they had themselves as proof.

Anyway I look forward to neural augments to free my mind from this. And artificial reproduction will probably happen before that. Then we can get even more diversity than sex. We could literally mix up the world’s non-deleterious allele database and synthesize the complementary strands and grow humans in artificial wombs. Make it available to everyone and racism, sexism, etc all solved because it really won’t matter then. And fuck why even stay human? We could all be ubermensch with that and some gene therapy + tissue engg for those of us living now.


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