Catholics who try to get you to take theology seriously

It’s like the philosophy on fanfiction made by fanboys.

>There are no logic holes in the bible only things we can’t understand.

>circular reasoning

>post-hoc reasoning

>ignoring parts they don’t like

>taking quotes out of context

>blaming others to take quotes out of context

-It’s also like watching a dog endlessly chasing tail.

Catholic modernism summarized:
>denying vatican ii
That’s my favourite bit about these Catholics.
>The Church is always right because led by the Holy Spirit, the Pope cannot fail
>I personally decide which Pope is a real Pope and which doctrine is real Church doctrine

catholic monotheism.jpg

P.S. Catholics are just nominal monotheists. In practice the whole thing is very polytheistic. This looks like a Hindu temple except the figurines aren’t fucking and making me horny.


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