Fudaraku Tokai

Wiki says on Buddhism:

The practice of Fudaraku Tokai (補陀落渡海) in ancient Japan, setting sail into the Pacific in a small boat in hopes of reaching the Fudaraku Pure Land, is now viewed as religious suicide and is not practiced today.[33][34]

japanese fishing boatSeriously, what the fuck. I’d like to read more about this but I’d have to figure out the Japanese language version of the wikipedia article.

What’s up with Japan and suicide all the time?

Seppuku, honorable suicide.

Kamikaze, suicide by air attack.

Karōshi, suicide by overworking.

Suicide by doing a spiritual boat trip.

Don’t forget hitobashira. It looks like a culture-bound syndrome. Maybe through the constant typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires and wars people adopt a fatalistic approach. But the religious boat pilgrimage might explain how some Polynesians discovered certain islands.


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