Buddhism > Christianity II

Basically Buddhism  encourages you to question Buddha and the scriptures, rather than to simply trust holy men. It hasn’t historically led to the same violence or forced conversions.

All told, I’d have rather been born a Buddhist. Perhaps someday I might even pick up some elements of Buddhism, like the meditation, or reading their scriptures.I would rather allow a child to be instructed in Buddhism than fettered to Christianity’s damnations, warnings about disrespecting God, and xenophobia.

However, I am fully convinced the heaven/hell, Gods and reincarnation is made up BS and/or syncretism.

buddhism jakarta night

On a related note I think we’d have been better off without Confucius. Sexism, ancestor worship, and hierarchies are terrible things that he implemented. He was another Jesus that did more harm than good.

If I had to make a choice between raising a Buddhist or a Christian child, I’d rather compromise and marry a Buddhist wife.  Buddhism encourages your kids to have focus, to modulate your emotions (especially negative ones), and to use reason to reach conclusions about certain things. It’s very focused on understanding cause and effect. It admits there are unanswerable questions.

buddhism mogi tree

Christianity seems more anti-intellectual, and warns you against blasphemy of God and threatens you with hell. (I don’t think Buddha would care if you insulted him.)

Buddhist cosmology is also incredibly vast and it stimulates the mind more than Christianity’s tiny its 6,0000 year old Earth. Sometimes I wish Buddhism wasn’t BS. If it were the true religion I could enjoy reincarnation and a colorful universe full of animal spirits, Gods, and fun mysticism.

SV-AS10 ImageData

And there are multiple Buddhas. This one is the 5th Buddha who hasn’t come yet. Our Buddha was just one of many, because each universe has its own Buddha. Just as the human life dies and is reborn, in Buddhism the universe itself dies and is reborn. Nothing exists outside of the cycle.


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