The danger of uncontained altruism
>After converting to Christianity and giving all his possessions to the poor, he committed suicide.

I see this as a shortcoming of Christianity; it is noble to treat others as well as yourself, but consistently elevating them above you leads to “suicide.” (Buddhism has the same problem’ because it leaves you open to exploitation.)


Update (extra information):

I found a couple paragraphs that talk about why Price devonverted. He had married a Catholic and they fought over religion until they divorced, and at the same time he happened to be involved in the background of a lot of scientific discoveries. When he discovered the altruistic equation he became convinced God was sending him messages in a tinfoil hat sort of way. Consequently, he gradually gave up science to help the poor. Then when he was bankrupt God sent him a message to start a family, but he had already lost faith in his ability to reinvent himself, so he killed himself by stabbing himself in the back of the neck with a pair of scissors.


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