This is what New Jerusalem looks like.


It would be a cube that would completely cover india, or a good chunk of the USA.  It will descend upon the Earth and stand at 1500 miles high, by 1500 miles in length and width. It must need to be that tall to contain apartment complexes for all the dogs that are going to heaven. Then again it might have less living space inside since the walls and foundations are gonna be pretty thick with 12 layers precious stones. The extra layers must be battle armor to ward off the Federation of United Planets.  Or to ward off cosmic radiation?

Source: revelation.
(Picture source.)


Imagine if God’s mansion descends on India, and crushes a billion non-believers.

On judgement day the floating cube will kidnap many good women and maybe abduct some pets, leaving behind some cockblocked husbands who will fight to bring them back, resulting in Armageddon. God will just easily fry them though, and trumpets will play as he destroys the Earth.

The New Jerusalem will then take off through space towards the star of Kolob, (since the Mormons were right and God did come from space.)  God’s eternal servants will be shielded from the cosmic radiation,though by the 12 layered gem wall. Of course, the city itself glows with God’s light, which might mean that the interior is already radioactive. Maybe that’s why your brain turns to mush and you become incapable of doing anything except praising God?

(See also this website)


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