Miracles happen once a month, but are rainbows miracles?

“Miracles happen on average once a month.”

At least when a miracle is defined as the improbable according to littlewood’s law. The idea of probability is if you roll dice enough times you might get the miracle of rolling 1 ten times in a row. I was very aware of the meaning of this law when I first became Agnostic, but I couldn’t remember the name for it until someone referenced it.


“rainbow miracles”

Actually I saw a double rainbow over a church in an arid country which was cool, when enough clouds had parted had to shine a spotlight upon the stained glass church while the other buildings remained silhouetted. Someone who did not know of this law might be tempted call that splendor of chance lighting a miracle.

However the idea that God created rainbows only as a promise not to flood the world is sily. Rainbows are due to refraction, or the bending of light, and if there were no refraction then we wouldn’t be able to study the galaxies whoose light was sent thousands of years before Noah’s alleged birth. We would not be able to take a spectroscope (which is a specialized prisim) and use it to study the composition of distant stars by breaking their light into individual bands of color.

All you need for a rainbow to occur is for light to hit water or glass at the right angle. The only instrument you need to see a rainbow is called a prisim, and Issac Newton discovered it 300 + years ago. But ancient Hebrews had no idea what caused rainbows and so they called them miracles of God’s love.

If you lived in a desert seeing one after a rain might be like a miracle. However, we can now create a message we thought only God could make. In fact, at a certain time of day rainbows often form in my bathroom from light shining through the glass at a certain angle. If I had a prisim many years ago, I might be able to trick ancient hebrews into thinking it was a sign that I was a prophet and could speak for God. Many of the prophets were probably the best street magicians of their time, and they preyed on the gullible with magic tricks and interpretations of dreams.


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